AOK Lawn Care, Proudly Serving the South Metro Est. 1995

Products and Services

Spring and Fall Clean-up

We use rakes and power blowers around shrubs, rock gardens, and flower beds to assure a professional look. Mowing is the final step of clean-up, hauling included


Weekly Mowing

Our mower blades are frequently sharpened to assure that your lawn will be properly and professionally cut. Mowing services include trimming and blowing off clippings off walks and driveways.


Fertilization and Weed Control

Keeping your lawn green and weed free can be very difficult for you to do. We ensure proper fertilization and weed control that will be best suited for your lawn and and your family. It is our job to give you the healthiest, best looking lawn.


Thatching (Hauling Included)

New growth is a continual process, and thatch is the build-up of dead roots and stems. Thatch prevents water, sun, air, and feed from penetrating to the roots.


Turf Aeration

Aerating is important to the continued health of your lawn. Aeration allows water, air, sunlight, and fertilizer to penetrate deeper ensuring a healthier root system and better looking lawn. Aeration also prevents less water run-off which saves you money.


Snow Plowing / Removal

Snow can be overwhelming to take care of. Let us take care of it for you. We offer monthly contracts for snow plowing and removal making your winter that much easier to enjoy.
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