AOK Lawn Care, Proudly Serving the South Metro Est. 1995
Customer Reviews:

I moved into Apple Valley 10 years ago and I needed someone to mow my yard when I go on vacation. I also needed someone to take care of my weeds and fertilizing every summer. I wanted someone local so I called aok lawn care. There and great company to work with especially on a very short notice and my yard is weed free and looks great.

I hired aok lawn care to take care of my weeds and fertilizing on my lawn for the last three years. I had some concerns about some weeds in my yard one time I called the company they were there within the hour to meet me in person to answer my questions. Very friendly and very prompt aok is great highly recommended.

Me and my wife were wondering what it would cost for year round service we are getting older and can’t move around that well but don’t want to move. We called aok met Andy very friendly and easy to talk to not pushy at all. The prices are very reasonable and the service is top notch very reliable.

I wasn’t happy with my current fertilizing company currently live in Rosemount and wanted someone local. So I called aok lawn care there a very small company with big time results. My yard looks like a golf course I can’t be happier.

I had some weed problems with creeping Charlie about 5 years ago and currently live in Burnsville. I talked to aok they fixed the problem and have been dealing with them ever since.

I have dealt with aok for the last 7 years they take care of my snow plowing and fall yard clean up. The snow plowing and fall yard clean up is very reasonable and very reliable. I have only had to call one time in 7 years only because my mail man couldn’t get to the mail box. They fixed the problem that day great snow plowing service.

I currently live in Apple Valley and I was looking for someone local to take of my fertilizing. I was going through the internet and ran into aok. I am sure glad I did, they go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to that getting rid of crabgrass I don’t have a green thumb but they sure do, and my yard looks great.

I got sick of mowing my yard, my lawn mower kept breaking. I thought I would try a lawn service for a month. I can say I don’t mow my grass anymore aok is very fair.

I had a lot of thatch in my yard it felt like I was walking on cardboard. I needed to get the thatch out so I called aok lawn care. They came out that week and hauled everything away and the price was very reasonable. Now my yard can breathe it looks great.

I had a lot of dandelions and other weeds in my yard. I needed to get this under control so I called aok. They came out that day with a reasonable quote and took care of the problem. I would recommend aok for your bad weed problems.

Aok lawn care has been taking care of my neighbor’s yard getting rid of weeds and making it green. I decided to give them a call because there yard always look great. I was surprised how reasonable it was. I am sure glad I called them my yard looks awesome!

I wanted to get my yard aerated so I called aok. They gave me a quote and the job they did was great. The plugs had to be 4 inches deep and there was a lot of them.

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